Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2% of tourists to the first World Cup in Africa are Africans

South Africa invested R33bn in the first World Cup on the African continent, with FIFA having sold more than 2.5 million of some three million tickets just over three weeks from the June 11 kick-off.

SHOOT: South Africa invested R33 billion [R33 000 000 000] for the SWC. So let's say 300 000 tourists pitch. Each one has to spend R110 000 to break even. Quibble if you like over that calculation, but locals buying tickets - that money goes to FIFA. Some investment eh. My prediction is that we will see very few full stadiums.
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Cape Town - Of the 230 000 foreign fans who have bought tickets, just 11 300 are African - 76% less than originally forecast for the first World Cup on African soil, Tourism Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk told lawmakers at a World Cup readiness briefing on Tuesday.
"Only 2% of those tickets are to Africans. Originally we expected around 48 000," he said.
South Africa expects 300 000 visitors for the World Cup next month, down from an initial forecast of 450 000, but the country remains confident of full stadiums, Schalkwyk said.
"We will probably see around 300 000 international arrivals for the World Cup - just under or just more than that."
"It may be a little bit less than what we expected... but four years ago nobody expected the global recession," he said, quickly adding: "But it is still a lot of people. Our stadiums are going to be full, it is going to an exceptionally good World Cup."
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