Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 Keys To Building Your Online Community

If you are creating online content and looking to build a community, you have to get active on social media in your niche. Sharing the content of others. Sharing your content. Answering questions. Asking questions. Connecting with relevant people. Listening.

It isn’t rocket science, it is human. Your community is made up humans and not Google Robots.

SHOOT: Some excellent advice here on how to build a blog that works and community that cares about it. On that topic I have to say that SHOOT thus far has not really been more than a scrapbook of clips I personally think are worth knowing/sharing. There isn't really a definable brand or theme. It's a little undefinable, a little unlabelable, a little alternative. And for the time being, will remain so
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Here the keys that I’ve learned from building up our RISE Community. The community now includes over 100,000 entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, forward-thinkers, etc. plus a healthy blend of sponsors.

1. Consistency/Content

It all starts with great content. Content that isn’t about you, but about the community. Whether it be bunny lovers, football fans or 16-year-old band geeks. Content that is educational, inspirational and/or entertaining. Your unique spin.

There is a lot of content out there. You have to find a way to stick out and be different. Perhaps nobody in your niche does video. That sounds like an opportunity. Perhaps nobody in your niche interviews people. Sounds like an opportunity. Perhaps everyone does really long text posts. What if you did a tip of the day? Fitting in was never popular, right?

Consistently is also huge. How often are you posting?
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