Friday, April 02, 2010

You'll love euphorbias because they look after themselves

SHOOT: A very interesting family of plants. The text below the fold refers to a British variety. If you want to know about a South African variety follow this link:
Plants that can look after themselves are invaluable if you want to have a life as well as a garden – and euphorbias are just the ticket. Whichever you go for, they have a single stylish fact in common: almost all are green from root to flower, adding a monochromatic intensity to a garden colour scheme; and it's a hot look, according to those who have seen previews of this year's Chelsea Flower Show.

Unlike some other horticultural fusspots, euphorbias will manage almost anywhere you put them. But don't just restrict yourself to the obvious varieties which appear in every garden centre, because unusual species are often just as untaxing to grow. Euphorbia mellifera, for example, is a one-plant statement that will fill a tiny garden with a honeyed scent and tropical feel from its spreading foliage.

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