Friday, April 23, 2010

Why this country disgusts me - crime isn't just stealing, it involves a vindictive level of hate-filled violence and terror

It is believed that only a laptop and modem were missing from the house.

SHOOT: And, of course, no mention is made that it was a white Afrikaans baby and the attackers were black men. Of course while mobs from the large, poor majority of black people in South Africa rape, steal and murder, whenever a white person is a victim it's got this veneer of normality. When a white schoolboy goes to a squatter camp and shoots black people no one can understand it. The seat of the problem is a corrupt government who can't provide an example of moral leadership, and you actually condone racism against whites as a political one-way ticket to the top. Then there are sectors of the police who are iffy about doing their job, and also obviously racist. It's those politicians who cry racism that aid and abet these criminals, and are hypocrites and criminals themselves.
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Beeld reported that the baby's mother, Madelein Kruger, arrived home from work at 13:00 to find the baby unconscious and the caregiver beaten and tied up.
The baby was assaulted so badly that she sustained multiple skull fractures and stopped breathing.
Opperman told Beeld it was not known how many attackers had been at the house or how they had gained access.
He was also unable to say with what they had assaulted the victims.
Olga Rossouw, who lived across from the Kruger family, told Beeld that the baby's mother ran into her house shortly after 13:00 carrying the baby, who was limp and covered in blood.
"Ollie, Ollie, what should I do?!" she screamed at Rossouw.
"Who would do something like that to a small, vulnerable baby?"
Opperman denounced the attackers as "cowards".
"Only cowards attack women and one-year-old babies. That is why we will turn over everything that has to be turned over to find these cowards," said Opperman.
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