Monday, April 26, 2010

What is this government's vision for South Africa?

I have an idea what it is, but I also understand why they can't verbalise it. It goes something like this:

- with us you can get back at the whites -
- help us to help you get what you deserve and what whites denied you under apartheid. Anything you want, houses, jobs, we can get for you and take away from whites. Vote for us -
In other words, a government built on racism. And a government built on promises. Nevermind that none of those promises amount to anything other self-serving populism.
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At a Financial Times function last week, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe was asked what this government's vision was. He answered that Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel was working on it, but in the meantime the government's vision remained that of building a "united, non-racial, non-sexist and democratic South Africa". That used to sound good when the ANC was in exile. Unfortunately, today South Africans want a plan.

The promise of the Zuma regime that there would be less talk and more action, less theorising and more delivery, is beginning to sound hollow.

Minister in the Presidency Collins Chabane, exactly a year after he was given the job, has still not managed to produce evaluation criteria to hold the cabinet and departments by.

In the meantime, townships erupt in service-delivery protests. The promise of the Zuma era has waned.

The ANC, a once noble movement, finds itself unable to see the moral turpitude surrounding its stake in Hitachi Power Africa.

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