Saturday, April 10, 2010

Well Said Abdul Madoda Milazi: If you kill the boer where will you get your pap?

SHOOT: Indeed, Africans have a habit of biting the hands that feeds them then complaining and blaming when they eventually have nothing.

The ANC has finally condemned the behaviour of ANC Youth League President, Julius Malema – alas, grudgingly.
I say grudgingly because in the same statement, it said it condemned “whatever provocation that came from the side of the journalist directed to the Youth League President as it might have been seen as an attempt to undermine and mock the leadership of the ANCYL”.
Now what kind of a condemnation is that? Haven’t they watched the video in The journalist only asked how could Malema accuse Zimbabwe’s MDC leadership of waging their struggle in the comfort of airconditioned Sandton houses when he hismelf lived there.

I don’t think that was provocation of any kind. He only had to answer the question, which was a valid one, I must add.
He says he wants to go into exile so he can sing “Kill the boer”. One thing he hasn’t thought about, if he kills the boer, where will he get his pap?

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