Friday, April 23, 2010

"Before we steal your cellphone we'd like to rape your daughters, where are they?"

An elderly couple lost their third and last surviving child after he was murdered next to their double bed. - Beeld

SHOOT: This is South Africa, every day. 50 murders every day.
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"Four young armed men stormed into the room. They forced me onto my stomach and tried to tie my hands behind my back," he said.
A robber went to fetch Paulla in his room and forced him into his parents' bedroom where he was ordered to lie down on the ground next to the bed, on the side where his mother was still lying.
"They then screamed: 'Where are your daughters?'" a deeply shocked Marie told on Thursday.
"When I told them that we only had Paulla, one of them grabbed me by the ankle and tried to pull me from the bed. I was sure he wanted to rape me."
Paulla lifted his body to try to help his mother but was shot in the chest.
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