Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The View from my Bicycle [COLUMN]

Terreblanche murder may be the beginning of the end - by Nick van der Leek
On the one hand this could be a tipping point in the history of South Africa.  I think the AWB aren't very slim in making obvious their intentions to get revenge - think they're being too honest.  I do think things have been deteriorating rapidly especially since Malema opened his mouth.  This will either worsen things a lot, especially if the average white person and average black person takes on the extremist views of ET or Malema.  Or, if Malema is punished or disciplined, it could improve things.  The latter is a lot to hope for, but the World Cup and greed may force the government to do the right thing.

Friend's response: If this doesn't happen it could turn the world cup into a shambles, which the world won't 'allow'. However if it happens, it could damage SA severely in the eyes of the world and future investments etc, which could lead the country onto a slippery slope down hill. I am afraid it will then be difficult to stop the rot. Let's hope for the best, but its currently on a knife's edge and could go either way. 

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