Thursday, April 15, 2010

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I originally titled this story: ENTER THE WORLD AT WELGEVONDEN, which is an allusion to AVATAR. I used a couple of other references, like Hometree. The Hometree picture isn't really used in the main article, and in the gallery, it's cut off [seems like no editing/resizing was done].
That's the problem with sub-editing. Someone else comes along that wasn't there, didn't write the story, and they make a few small changes that don't actually make sense in terms of the global metaphors you're using.

On a positive note, I do think Welgevonden is a great place to visit, very pristine - as far as the eye can see in fact - and close to huge urban centres like Johannesburg and Pretoria.
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Welgevonden in the Waterberg Biosphere, just 3 hours outside Johannesburg, has been shaped by hundreds of millions of years of riverine erosion. The area has a special quality even to the untrained eye. Pristine dry deciduous forests cover rolling hillsides as far as the eye can see, so that eventually the hillsides collaborate to form a series of monochrome sea blue waves that stretch and soften towards the distant horizon. It is not hard to imagine that here wildlife has been allowed to thrive undisturbed by the interference of man for a very long time. What is surprising is that such unspoiled abundance exists so close to Gauteng.

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