Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tiger not out of the Woods

Just a two hours' drive away in Atlanta, pornographic film star Joslyn James - one of about 15 women claiming a sexual relationship with Woods - conducts a strip club show at the Pink Pony.

As the New York Daily News reported on Saturday, the show comes complete with James removing a green jacket similar to the one given to every Masters winner, revealing her clad beneath only in lacy black lingerie.

"He shouldn't have rushed back to play," James told the newspaper. "He uses these tournaments to go around being a philanderer. He should stay home and repair his relationship with his wife.

SHOOT: The pressure is likely to gnaw at Tiger. Will he buckle or rise to the challenge?
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Woods, a married father of two, made his comeback from a five-month layoff at the Masters after admitting adultery with multiple mistresses, leaving him a humiliated laughing stock who was deserted by most of his corporate sponsors.

Golf has provided Woods some relief. He was warmly received by spectators and began Saturday's third round only two strokes off the lead in a share of third place, having said he never saw taunting signs pulled behind airplanes.

But just down the street from Augusta National Golf Club at the supermarket checkout aisle, the tawdry tale of Woods' having sex with the girl next door - a 22-year-old neighbour's daughter - is front-page tabloid news.

Raychel Coudriet told the National Enquirer she had sex with Woods on a couch near a crib for his son Charlie last year at an office near his home, Woods having propositioned a woman he met when she was only 14 in his car with wife Elin and his kids nearby.

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