Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Terreblanche Murderer: "Please don't hurt my family"

SHOOT: Says it all, doesn't it. There's a schizophrenia and a denialism at work here that is horrific. The fact that ET's pants were pulled down shows that self defence was the last thing on their minds.
clipped from www.news24.com
The 15-year-old's attorney, Zola Majabu, relayed a message from the youth to the community: "Please, please don't hurt my family".
Family members told Sapa they were "traumatised" and scared. They feared for their lives.
Right wing leader Terre'Blanche was murdered at his farm outside Ventersdorp on Saturday.
National Prosecuting Authority advocate George Baloyi said the accused, Chris Mahlangu, 28, and a minor, who cannot be named, were formally charged with murder, house breaking and robbery with aggravating circumstances, crimen injuria and attempted robbery with aggravating circumstances.
The charge of crimen injuria was explained by Baloyi: "(After the murder)... they pulled down his (Terre'Blanche's) pants to his knees and exposed his private parts."
They had to determine whether the youth had the capacity to commit murder or whether he was acting on someone else's instruction.
"It was postponed for seven days to finalise that issue."
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