Thursday, April 08, 2010

Terreblanche Murder: Our country is run by criminals who murder and rob. This land was the best and they ruined it all.

Terreblanche's loud words never attracted more than a minority of the country's whites.

But his murder could not have come at a worse time for South Africa.

SHOOT: SA is very much a criminal's paradise. They literally prey constantly on the poor and middle class.

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RACE riots could bring havoc to the World Cup in South Africa following the murder of white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche, experts warned last night.
Here, a South Africa-based British journalist who was one of the last people to interview Terreblanche explains why the country's future looks grim.

The murder of Eugene Terreblanche will reinforce fears the country's crime rate makes it an unsuitable host for the world's biggest sporting event.

In death, 69-year-old Terreblanche will achieve something he failed to earn in life - cult status.

Afrikaners, mostly descended from early Dutch immigrants, are never slow to adopt a martyr.

With martyrdom will come the threat of political instability and inter-racial war.
Jonathan Clayton

More than 3,000 white farmers have been murdered since 1994.

Since Julius Malema, head of the youth wing of the country's governing ANC party, revived an old anti-apartheid song Kill The Boer, at least six more white farmers have been attacked.
Julius Malema
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Anonymous said...

Malema is the bomb that they have made. Sooner or later someone is going to take him out and then the shit will hit the fan AND they will have the perfect excuse for it!