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Terre'Blanche bought his workers alcohol possibly to buy himself time and goodwill

SHOOT: Probably when they were no longer sobre all they could think of was money and in their reverie, followed the drunken logic that by going to his house and killing him they'd satisfy their greed. Of course the alcohol also provided them with the Dutch courage to commit the act. If this is so, we have an interesting set of cases [remember Jub Jub] where alcohol and being intoxicated is the primary agent of disaster, and perhaps a defence against murder accusations. As far as I'm concerned though, they don't fly very far.
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Ventersdorp - Eugene Terre'Blanche, murdered leader of the AWB, had been shopping with two of his farm workers just hours before his death. One of the workers was described as a "young guy" and the other as "in his twenties".
Terre'Blanche bought a bottle of Bell's whiskey at the Overland bottle store in town that morning, shortly before 10:00.
About half an hour later he returned to the bottle store and bought two cases of Savannas, three 20-packs of Voyager cigarettes and two boxes of matches.
An employee of the bottle store said on condition of anonymity that Terre'Blanche arrived at the shop with the two workers on the back of his bakkie.
"They helped him load everything onto the bakkie."
According to the bottle store employee, Terre'Blanche looked "fine, as always".
"He was wearing khaki pants and a 'two-tone' shirt, as always. He talked to me like he always talked to me: 'Hi, how are you?'"
"Eugene didn't have any money. He bought from me on credit."
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