Saturday, April 24, 2010

SWC - waste money, swap summer for winter, throw money at gluttons [oh wait did I already say that]

A recent Carte Blanche exposé, on the gluttonous glee with which the SA tourism and hospitality industries welcomed the 2010 World Cup, underlined how dangerously blind they were to the effects of technological advancement. Things have changed dramatically in the world of electronic media.

SHOOT: And the nice thing about watching it on TV [see below] is you can mute your TV especially if the blaring of Vuvuzelas gets too much for you. Or, change channels when your team starts to look like a loser as Buffoona Buffoona certainly will.
Should a Brit pick up a newspaper today showing the cost of FIFA World Cup packages (they're still available), they will see that for £3999 they can fly to South Africa return and watch three England Group Stage matches against the US, Algeria and Slovenia. The price includes transfers and accommodation.
Later on in the same newspaper, they may see an advert from Currys (a leading appliance retailer) showing that they can buy a 107cm full HD LCD TV for £550, and a top brand Blu-Ray home theatre system for £400. Another advert will offer them the full Sky HD package, including unlimited high-speed broadband and calls for about £60 a month. The satellite receiver comes free.
But wait, there's more. Later on in the same newspaper, they may also see a wonderful promotion for a seven-night, all-inclusive holiday at the Costa del Sol in Spain for £645 per person.
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