Sunday, April 04, 2010

Steve Hofmeyr on Eugene Terreblanche

SHOOT: It is fascinating that this article, published on April 4, referenced Malema and Eugene Terreblanche in consecutive questions. The context of the question places Malema at one end of a spectrum and Terreblanche at another, at a time when black South African leaders have been more vocal than ever about blaming the whites, and the Afrikaner in particular, for their troubles.
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I am beginning to understand his line of thought. You and I surround ourselves with people who read and who think. We’re forgetting about the people who don’t read, who only react on emotional impulses, who blame their poverty on someone else’s colour. That is, unfortunately, the very base level we are fighting this debate on. Africa is not ready for debate on the higher levels.

I’m just frustrated that, 15 years later, the best thing black people can come up with is Malema. Is there nothing else?

Was Eugene Terre’Blanche the best whites could come up with?

By the time he became significant, he was politically insignificant, he was impotent. When you’re in power, the standard is higher.

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