Thursday, April 08, 2010

South African blue diamond fetches $6.4 million

SHOOT: Quite a lot of bling for a shiny stone.
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Rare blue diamond fetches 6.4 million dollars in Hong Kong

A rare 5.16-carat blue diamond sold at auction for 6.4 million US dollars in Hong Kong on Wednesday, confirming Asia's fast-growing taste for the precious stone.

London's famed Moussaieff Jewellers paid more than the 5.9-million-dollar expected price tag for the pear-shaped stone, the first blue diamond from the celebrated De Beers Millennium Jewels Collection to appear at auction.

But the world per-carat record for a blue diamond remains the 10.5 million dollars paid by a Hong Kong property tycoon for a seven-carat blue diamond in Geneva in May last year.

In December, a five-carat chickpea-sized vivid pink gem set a per-carat world record price for a diamond when it fetched 10.8 million dollars at an auction in Hong Kong.

This week's collection, displayed in London's Millennium Dome in 2000, consists of 11 high-quality blue diamonds from the Premier Diamond Mine of Transvaal, South Africa.

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