Thursday, April 22, 2010

South Africa seriously injures 25 tourists with 50 days to World Cup

Because they 'forgot' to secure the train when it stopped. That's getting your money's worth for a R22 000 trip over 2 days.
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Pretoria - The traumatised owner of the Rovos Rail train which derailed just outside Pretoria said on Wednesday he screamed at others to jump - but his warnings came too late.
"I screamed at the others (the passengers and crew) to tell them to jump off," Ruhan Vos said of the train which sped out of control for about 10km from the Centurion station in the direction of Pretoria.
"I jumped off while it was moving."
Vos said the train stopped in Centurion where tourists were allowed to look at the steam locomotive which would take them to the Capital Park station.
The tourists got back on the train. Workers unhooked the electric locomotive and were busy replacing it with the steam locomotive, when the carriages started rolling backwards, said Vos.
The stomach of an employee of Rovos Rail, who was reportedly just over four months pregnant, was ripped open by the impact of the accident. She died at the scene.
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