Monday, April 26, 2010

Return to the Wild West for Blairgowrie Drivers

"You turned in infront of me."
"No you did."
"Do you want to draw?"
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Johannesburg - Two drivers were wounded after they allegedly shot each other in an apparent road rage incident in Blairgowrie, Randburg on Sunday, Johannesburg police said.

Spokesperson Karen Jacobs said a driver of a BMW 320i allegedly argued with the driver of a VW Caddy panel van at the corner of Conrad and Standard roads around 13:00.

"We don't know what the argument was about, but the BMW driver allegedly followed the VW home to Blairgowrie."

Jacobs said the two allegedly argued again and multiple shots were fired by both drivers.

The BMW driver sustained a gunshot wound to the chest and the VW to the leg, she said.

Jacobs said police opened two cases of attempted murder and confiscated two firearms from the drivers.

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Anonymous said...

the BMW driver was shot in the back whilst running away. although he pulled the gun he did not deserve to get shot in the back, after his gun was taken from him by the owner of the house. I hope he lives. Anon

Nick said...

both of them were childish and stupid

Anonymous said...

Since when is a chest wound a shot in the back? Silly troll...

Anonymous said...

Hardly a silly troll. I witnessed this incident and he was shot in the back!