Saturday, April 03, 2010

Religion Comes From Ancient Astrology and Sun Worship

SHOOT: Makes perfect sense, as the sun and themes of light and depth are some of the oldest and most classical conceptual images in the human traditions. Early civilisations personified [anthropomorfied] elements [such as stars, movements of the sun etc] in nature. Allegory has since been confused with actuality. But since allegory was based on reality it can't be strictly said to be counterfeit, although a fundamental interpretation cannot be seen as an 'absolute truth'.


Gregory Sams said...

We should not just dismiss sun worship because it is ancient, as it was the church that banished the idea, not science. The Sun is the light of our life and we are literally solar powered beings . Whilst the Sun's religious replacement looks increasingly shaky, the Sun is still there for all to see, beaming its lovely rays down every day. Throughout history many have, with good cause, regarded it as a living being with divine status.

Gregory Sams, author of Sun of gOd

Nick said...

well said Gregory