Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Port Alfred surfer fights off shark

SHOOT: Getting your feet chomped on by a shark can't be fun. Bad luck to then have the shark 'fishing' with this surfer; it bit the guy's leash, and towed him away.
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Johannesburg - A surfer survived a shark attack in the sea off Port Alfred on Tuesday, police said.
Brendan Denton, 35 was surfing with a friend at East Beach at 10:30 when the shark attacked him about 100 metres from the shore, said Captain Mali Govender.
"He suddenly felt something pulling him underwater," said Govender, who spoke to him in the Port Alfred Hospital afterwards.
"He thought it might be his friend playing the fool with him."
The second time it happened, he turned around and saw his feet in the shark's jaw.
Denton wrestled with the shark and it let go of his feet, but it grabbed hold of the leash attaching his ankle to the surfboard and started swimming out to sea with him in tow.
He released the leash and when the surfboard popped out of the sea three metres away a few moments later, he was able to get back on it and paddle to safety.
His friend and other surfers, who had heard his screams and splashing, helped him to a doctor.
Govender said Denton's injuries looked serious.
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Anonymous said...

Irresponsible of him to surf in murky water! As an experienced surfer he should have know better. Glad he's ok though.

Nick said...

when the bug bites it's hard not to go surfing. of course the bite of a shark is a bit of a disincentive