Thursday, April 08, 2010

Malema talks of building a revolutionary party

SHOOT: I call that black supremacy, and no different from the AWB. It certainly falls short of democracy, and Malema is clearly showing how low his standards of intolerance are.

So far, par for the course, though a lot less combative than we've come to expect from Malema in recent months. Then a journalist dared to interrupt him.

Asked about the ANCYL's outright support for Zanu PF, and the fact that it did not meet opposition parties in Zimbabwe, Malema criticised "popcorn" parties popping up in the country, contrasting them with the longevity of Zanu PF and disparaging them for "talking from air-conditioned offices in Sandton."

Upon which the white male journalist from BBC piped up to point out that Malema himself lives in Sandton. Then it rapidly turned ugly.

"This is a building of a revolutionary party," Malema told the journalist. "Here you behave or else you jump." Then he called to the back of the room for security to remove the man.

The journalist left before he could be bounced, to shouts of "bastard!" and "agent!" from Malema.

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