Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Malema muzzled

SHOOT: This is a positive signal.
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Cape Town - Julius Malema is no longer allowed to sing the words "shoot the boer" in a controversial struggle song, the ANC said on Tuesday.
He is also not allowed to make any statements about murder victim Eugene Terre'Blanche or do anything provocative.
Gwede Mantashe, secretary-general of the ANC, confirmed to Beeld on Tuesday night that he and President Jacob Zuma met with the ANC youth league leader.
He said if singing the words "shoot the boer" is leading to polarisation in society, the ANC will put a stop to it.
However, only the ANC can make such a decision and only after internal discussions, "because it is we as the ruling party who are leading society".
"I'm no protector of Malema, but the irritation he causes and the problem... needs to be isolated and solved," said Mantashe.
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