Monday, April 19, 2010

Makweti will touch your soul

We spent just two days at Makweti and what a memorable experience it was. The nature provides the magic, but the human element has been designed to harmonise with the surroundings - so much so that you shouldn't be surprised to find a baboon sitting on your balcony. - by Nick van der Leek
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Are you familiar with a classic fairy tale about a beautiful princess who pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep? Whilst Beauty sleeps, a briar forest springs up around the castle, shielding its sleeping inhabitants from the outside world.

Outsiders wishing to penetrate this natural barrier find that touching the thorns of this forest causes certain death. You're forgiven if you arrive at Makweti Lodge in South Africa's Limpopo Province and discover yourself falling into a similar enchantment, except this is an entirely African enchantment.

It is difficult not to be effusive about Makweti. The Clare Abbot animal prints are perfect, the veiled poster beds, solid furniture and dark rock sculptures suitably classy and romantic, the lounges and bathrooms echo earthy African themes ideal for this quintessentially relaxing setting.

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