Monday, April 12, 2010

Is ET guilty of 'The Treble': Sex out of marriage, across the colour line and out of gender.

Times Live has said that the AWB has said that it was "an absolute lie" that the murder of their leader, Eugene Terre Blanche, was sparked by a drunken sodomy session - but it is possible that he was raped after his death.

SHOOT: I think the defence needs a dark brush to smear over their own deeds.
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Over the weekend however there was uproar after the Saturday Star reported that the police found a used condom at the scene of the murder. Allegedly the AWB leader’s bludgeoned body lay on the bed near the used prophylactic.
This was then denied by the police as well the fact that the post mortem report had been leaked.
In addition there were suggestions that this evidence - or submissions to that effect -would be made by the accused at their bail hearing this week.
On Monday IOL are back with confirmation by journalist Max Du Preez that "It's not a complete secret that Eugene had some of these tendencies."
As editor of the Vrye Weekblad newspaper in the 1980s he published the story of an AWB bodyguard who claimed to have woken up after a night of heavy partying to find Terre'Blanche on top of him, trying to molest him. The bodyguard laid a complaint within the AWB and was promptly kicked out of the organisation.
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