Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the referendum of 1992, 70% of white South Africans voted to end Apartheid - now, are the fears of the remaining 30% coming true?

Go back to 1994. If you were about to vote 'yes' for the end of Apartheid, and you knew that would unleash the likes of Julius 'kill the boer' Malema, more than 20 years later, would you still be so confident in your vote. Malema is a man who unashamedly supports a racist regime of Zimbabwe style land invasions and the seizure of private property. Thus far his government supports him. If you kKNEW this was coming, rather than feared an inevitable 'Africanisation' of this country as a subtle background thought, would you still have voted 'yes'?
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. The resent film ‘Invictus' has been a painful reminder of the sentiments that brought us together under the great leadership of Nelson Mandela, only to wither away under the failed leadership of the subsequent ANC.
The nature of the weak leadership, after Mandela, is one where the ANC has managed to govern in a way that has facilitated the appearance of prudent economic policy, but in reality, facilitated the slow erosion of the state and its infrastructure. The ruling ANC government has however been successful in fraudulently transferring massive amounts of wealth to a small elite, while at the same time managing to accommodate radically opposing political views within the bounds of the party, and its alliance structure.
ANC Youth League president Mr Malema's behaviour during the past week, as seen against the backdrop of the Terre'Blanche murder, projects a clear picture that our worst fears may be coming to fruition.
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