Saturday, April 24, 2010

For the World Cup - be proud of South Africa, and a useless soccer team

"South Africans, be proud of your team and get behind them – this is our event." - The Herald

SHOOT: The problem is one can't honestly be proud of a country like South Africa. It's a bit like trying to make the case for why you're so proud of your dad who is a convicted fellon, a rapist, but happens to be a member of parliament. And you can't really get behind any team that never wins, no matter how many adverts you watch, or how many yellow t-shirts people wear. Losers are losers, liars are liars. Real pride and honour is natural. You don't have to ask someone to be proud; it's a natural byproduct of a Force self evidently worthy of admiration. South Africa and Bafana simply aren't.
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SOUTH Africa be proud ... just a reminder to all South Africans of what a great honour it is to us as a nation to say that we are the hosts of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

For a country that embraced democracy and freedom just 16 years ago, who would have thought that we would have the opportunity to make our mark on the world today.

I remember the pride I felt just 15 years ago when we hosted the Rugby World Cup and won. A year later, we hosted and won the African Cup of Nations.

Now in June 2010 we host the biggest showpiece on earth, the Fifa World Cup – an honour I hope to share with my grandchildren one day.

For 30 days the eyes of the world will be focused on South Africa, not only as a host, but as a nation.

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