Saturday, April 03, 2010

Fifa annexes South Africa, calls it District Nein

Asked how and when FIFA annexed almost every national symbol in South Africa, Lebensraum said that it had been a simple transaction between itself and the South African government.

"We asked them: 'Do you want to build houses for your people, fix your education system, get your crime problem under control and invest in food security; or do you want to host the World Cup?'

SHOOT: All for the love of money.
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JOHANNESBURG. Football body FIFA says that its gagging of airline Kulula should serve as a warning to other enemies of FIFA's "thousand year football Reich". "Today Kulula, tomorrow the world!" screamed a spokesman at a torchlight rally last night where it was decided that all advertising copywriters would be rounded up and sent east.
Speaking from a FIFA internment camp in eastern Siberia, Kulula spokesman Ramjet Ramotswe said that the airline's marketing department "never stood a chance".
"One moment we were brainstorming over a cappuccino in the break room and the next thing we heard the drone of long-range accountants and a huge PA system blaring out the Rhinemaidens' song from the beginning of Wagner's Götterdämmerung," recalled a traumatised Ramotswe.
Moments later, FIFA stormtroopers had rounded up the copywriting team and herded them into trucks bound for Russia.
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