Sunday, April 04, 2010

Eugene Terre'blanche murdered

SHOOT: Still think our leaders singing 'kill the boer' is harmless? The Afrikaners will likely rally as a result of this attack and who can blame them. It's racist attacks like these and the political context of these attacks that are disgusting, and make me ashamed to say I'm a South African.
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 Cape Town - AWB leader Eugene Terre'blanche was murdered on his Ventersdorp in the North West on Saturday evening.
According to the AWB's André Visagie, Terre'blanche was beaten to death with pipes and pangas on his farm Villanna (meaning 'the home of Anna'). 
His body was found at about 18:00. According to a report on, Terre'blanche was apparently still alive when police got to him but later died.
He was asleep at the time of the attack.
Police found a panga and knobkerrie next to Terreblanche.
Visagie said Terre'blanche was beaten so badly "he didn't look like Eugene anymore".
The AWB leader was alone on the farm at the time of the attack.
Visagie said that Terre'blanche's only security were his dogs which were "neutralised".
A 16-year-old and 21-year-old who apparently worked for Terre'blanche were arrested, police spokesperson Captain Adéle Myburgh said.
The two allegedly attacked the 69-year-old far-right wing leader because they were not paid for work they did.
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Anonymous said...

This could not have happened to a more deserving person.

Nick said...

His face was apparantly hacked to pieces, which shows it was a racist hate crime. You support that which makes you a worse racist than ET.