Thursday, April 01, 2010

David Bullard: I was a chocolate thief as a child

SHOOT: Great column as usual. What happens now, and what people do in response to Malema will either be our reward from this day forth or haunt us forever.
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I was a chocolate thief as a child and whenever we had a large tin of Quality Street at Christmas I would filch the odd choccy or toffee without anyone noticing. The tin was full of all sorts of goodies wrapped in coloured cellophane and who was looking anyway? When you start filching from the full tin nobody notices because you can give the tin a bit of a shake and it looks full once again. Once you're a third of the way down people tend to notice that all the purple ones have gone and eventually it becomes very noticeable that chocs are being filched because the bottom of the tin is now visible. Eventually though the tin will be empty and there will be nothing more to filch but there will be a few angry relatives to appease. Our beloved politicians have been filching for the past 16 years because the tin has looked pretty full but it has to eventually become empty. One only needs to look north to Zimbabwe to see what happens when the tin is empty.
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