Friday, April 23, 2010

Common mistakes made by brands on Facebook

Like the rest of the planet, Facebook runs on human emotions. The easiest of these to tap are ego and greed. Find ways to make your customers famous or cool, and they will love you forever (and probably recruit all their friends to be fans). - Alistair Fairweather

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10. If you build it, they won’t come (or even stay)

Social media isn’t free. You need to work for every fan you get, and work to keep every fan you already have. This takes time, effort, creativity and patience.

At the very least you need to commit to:

  • Regular content updates (weekly at a bare minimum)
  • Prompt responses to queries and complaints
  • Special offers or content (preferably both)
  • Reviewing and analysing stats (and changing behaviour accordingly)
  • Marketing your Facebook presence (on your own site at the very least)
  • These basics are enough to keep your head above water, but if you want to really make an impact you need to consider at least some of these:

  • Multimedia content (images and video)
  • Custom apps and/or games
  • Prizes/competitions/giveaways exclusively for fans
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • A dedicated social media community manager
  • Online reputation management software
  • Premium apps from someone like Involver or Wildfire
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