Tuesday, April 06, 2010

British newspaper cautions readers against coming to South Africa for the World Cup

SHOOT: The murder in itself wouldn't matter so much. The context that is materialising however, does. The context is one of hate crimes, protests and political instability, racism and threats to specifically target World Cup visitors. If I was a potential visitor from another country I reckon I'd have a certain degree of doubt in my mind. Obviously if tensions continue to simmer and there are further incidents, that pattern will be the decisive influence. Fifa must be quivering in their boots.
On Monday, a British tabloid newspaper cautioned its readers against coming to South Africa for the World Cup, saying they would be caught in the middle of a “race war” after Terre’Blanche’s murder.
“Tourists are intelligent enough to know that there’s crime all over the world and I certainly don’t think that they’ll cancel their hotel rooms and their tickets and their flights over something like that,” said Fedhasa’s Ray Franko.
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