Sunday, April 11, 2010

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - Malema gets dose of his own medicine

In Limpopo, Malema was scheduled to open the elective conference and give a political overview, but he tried to take over the responsibility of the local chairman and read out the credentials. Delegates booed him and shouted: "No, no no; this is not your responsibility."

SHOOT: Malema made a fatal mistake lashing out at the media. While the media secretly love Malema [for selling papers and page impressions] his tirade against the BBC dude will cost him dearly. The blurb of this article demonstrates the bias of the media. The events at this gathering may have happened, but they're also somewhat overblown.
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ON A TIRADE: Julius Malema verbally attacked a foreign journalist at a press conference yesterday Picture: ELIZABETH SEJAKE

Julius Malema is on the ropes, with supporters of his ANC Youth League openly booing him in Limpopo and President Jacob Zuma saying he was likely to face an internal disciplinary hearing.

Police fired rubber bullets and used a water cannon to control youth league delegates at an elective conference in Malema's home province of Limpopo yesterday.

The gathering turned violent after Malema tried to take control of the meeting and ensure the election of his preferred candidate. Incumbent chairman Lehlogonolo Masoga is being challenged by Frans Moswane, who has Malema's backing.

Earlier yesterday, Malema waded into a crowd that was singing in support of Masoga. Witnesses said he picked up a plastic chair and appeared to be about to throw it at a delegate when his bodyguards restrained him.

Witnesses claim police did not fire at anyone wearing T-shirts with a picture of Malema.

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