Friday, April 09, 2010

AWB's Visagie vs etv

SHOOT: They're obviously provoking him during a time when the AWB are experiencing a great deal of tension. Not very sensitive and certainly not attempting to be conciliatory or seeking to understand. Perhaps they needed another Afrikaner on the show rather than two Africans interviewing/heckling the Afrikaner?

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That debate was a joke. It was suppose to be a "debate" not a personal attack Mr Visagie. She never accused him left right and centre and never let him answer or give his opinion. And whats even worse is that the so called presenter never stepped in earlier to let Mr Visagie have his opinion. Regardless of whose opinion was right or wrong i wanted to hear both sides of the story. And that was never allowed.

Interviewer was trying to unduly influence direction of debate against Mr. Visagie who ALSO has the right to make his points without interruption.

Watching the video clip, Chris Maroleng definately caused the issue. He acted up for the cameras, and was unfortunately he was the first to grab Visage. enews should have gone off air and made a non issue, but unfortunately Chris Maroleng is guilty of creating the news rather than reporting on it

Watched the extract and all I can say is it looks like a bunch of school kids in the playground. No wonder SA is in the position we are
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Nonelela said...

Visagie is the one threatning a WOMAN here and the presenters are being insensitive? these are two proffessionals who are more than capable of doing what they are paid for and there's absolutely no need for an afrikaner addition...

Nick said...

of course there is. why do you think he felt bullied? why did half a dozen people arrive to sort things out if they couldn't do it.