Friday, April 09, 2010

AWB: "The government is black, the police are black, the army is black"

Meanwhile, at the funeral a pamphlet was distributed in tribute to the "lion", likening his death to that of Jesus and saying that the "ANC communist" government condoned farmers' murders.

SHOOT: Have to say, I have been arrested twice and felt a large amount of racism. All the cops involved were Africans. Not sure what they were on about - wanting a bribe or just wanting to intimidate or both. Does it matter to say that I wasn't guilty on either occasion? My concern is that corruption has become so bad that the AWB's policies are looking less fringe than they did a decade ago. I'd predict that they'll come into vogue again. Those 3000 murdered farmers, there's no excuse for that.
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Ventersdorp - There was standing room only in Ventersdorp's 700 seater Afrikaner Protestant Church as the funeral service for murdered AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche took place on Friday.
As the service for the far rightwing leader was underway, an impromptu protest was held at the school opposite the church with people carrying placards that read: "Britain you saw what happened to your reporter. Your fans will not be so lucky", in reference to the ejection of journalist Jonah Fisher from an ANC Youth League press conference by Julius Malema.
"That black group from Julius, it doesn't matter to them who you are, if your skin is white, they are going to kill you," shouted one woman from the crowd of around 200 people waiting for church doors to open.
Mourner Adriaan Groenewald said: "I feel threatened as I stand here. Everywhere around us, there is a black crowd just waiting for us to do something.
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