Friday, April 30, 2010

Are environmentalists just narcissists who want to perpetuate their own survival?

SHOOT: The description below provides an interesting view of the group we generally call environmentalists. Is their motive really love of the earth and natural communities, or is their interest really more selfish?
I believe it's important to distinguish between those who pursue 'light green business-as-usual' [me-based environmentalism] as opposed to the real Greeners.  Real greeners make real sacrifices.  For example driving less, even though this might be less convenient.  Eating less meat.  It's not limited merely to outrage around furry creatures being wiped out or patched of ocean suffering oil slicks.  Their beliefs manifest in their own lives, in the growing of vegetable gardens, having water storage tanks and making private and personal commitments to changing the world.
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We have a large number of people who classify themselves as environmentalists. They have a very different view of the world, and what is important for the long term. One of their concerns is that beaches not be despoiled by what looks like asphalt from oil spills. But these people seem to have little concern about the long stripes of asphalt that are being used for interstate highways. They are very concerned about the tens of thousands of birds that have been killed by oil spills, but they are not concerned (or not very much concerned ) about the billions of fish that are being removed from the oceans by fishermen every year. It seems to me that a major part of their concern is not really for the environment--it is for maintaining business as usual (BAU). Having pretty beaches, now. A nice place for their (many) children. Their plan seems to be for a light green BAU.
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