Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Zuma's credibility gets shakier by the day

SHOOT: I'm not sure what anyone expected when they elected Zuma. Did they really expect honesty? South African voters need to wake up.
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President Jacob Zuma

The fact that Zuma put together a legal team on the matter proved that he did not consider himself above the law, said Sokutu.

"We are as the ANC satisfied and confident that this process will be put in place and sorted out. A team was announced by the presidential spokesman. therefore as the ANC we think that he has shown no disregard for the law."

"What we are saying with regards to disclosure -- he doesn't have one spouse -- he's got many spouses -- and therefore it's a big family and he wants to be thorough."

The African Christian Democratic Party said his failure to declare his assets "sheds more light" on why he rejected the Congress of SA Trade Unions' call for lifestyle audits for Cabinet members and politicians.

"The ACDP is shocked that the president has failed once again to set a good example for the people he is leading."

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