Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Why this country disgusts me - 'Unfriendly' customs greet Lance Armstrong at Cape Town Airport, columnist calls Armstrong's entry 'Unfortunate'

Ag shame - he received a "not so warm Cape Town welcome", apparently. He was refused entry into the country because his passport was full.

SHOOT: I'd imagine Lance's passport would be pretty full, but you'd think they'd try to make a plan. Sounds like Lance was complaining about the guys being 'unfriendly', which was something I experienced last week, arriving back from Australia. My guy barely looked up from his newspaper, and didn't say anything to me. No 'welcome to South Africa', nothing. Maybe something to work on ahead of the World Cup.

What I find pretty disgusting is the article, from News24, published below. Just so disrespectful and even goes so far to say '[un]fortunately Lance was allowed into the country.'. Some people in this country really disgust me.
clipped from www.news24.com

So I'd like to say I don't sweat the small stuff, but Lance Armstrong's so-called "harsh ride" into Cape Town got my blood boiling. My colleagues may say I was frothing at the mouth. The term rabid came to mind.
Poor Lance: "Well, made it to Cape Town but can't get in the country since my passport is full and there's no room to stamp it. So...stuck," he tweeted.
(Un)fortunately a short while later, Armstrong tweeted that he had finally been allowed to enter South Africa. "Well, made it in to SA. Not the friendliest welcome I've ever received but we've all seen immigration officers like that."
What were they meant to do? Fall over and kiss your feet Mr Armstrong?
“The Immigration Act and Immigration Laws apply to everybody, irrespective whether you’re a celebrity or not. What in fact is supposed to happen, is that the airline takes the responsibility of checking the traveller’s passport before leaving their country of origin,” she said.
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