Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's wrong with singing 'kill the boer'?

Mthembu said people who were unhappy with the singing of the song should approach the ANC so it could be discussed.

"The issue is, indeed, some people might be correct that there might be songs we should not sing. Let them put them on the agenda and convince the ANC that we should not sing those songs and tell us why.

SHOOT: Why not sing songs about killing people - maybe because Ronnie Kasrils and Joe Slovo were whites from the ANC party that were gunned down. Or perhaps because there is a culture of violence in South Africa, with 50 murders a day. Or perhaps because it's just not very nice...
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"Let's discuss appropriately on this matter. Don't blame Julius. In fact, on this one, I will defend him," ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu told Sapa by phone on Thursday morning.

"This song was sung for many years even before Malema was born. Julius doesn't even know who's the writer of the song. He got it from us [the ANC]. You must blame the ANC, don't blame Julius. But when you blame the ANC, then contextualise it."

ANCYL president Julius Malema

"Even when we sang the songs, we didn't want Joe Slovo to be killed. Ronnie Kasrils in fact, they were leading us in those songs."

Malema is facing a criminal charge and a complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for reportedly singing at the University of Johannesburg, "Dubula amabhunu baya raypha" (Zulu for, 'Shoot the boers, they are rapists) with a group of students.

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sammy and me said...

You a make this country so unstable to the hole world and soon it will end up like the rest of Africa and Zimbabwe you have no commonsense and you braking down this country what we build up , you should rarer keep it up but for the past 15yr you have been braking it down . you so Africa thats what Europe say — good thing i live in Germany now.this country is so a joke the world is having so much fun looking at you and you ministers ha ah ah world cup they already declared it a de-caster...

Singing Lessons said...

A whole lotta blame going around for singing that song. Wow...