Saturday, March 27, 2010

Want to Hire a Self-Centered, Greedy Diva?

Lucy Neville-Rolfe is one of Britain’s most successful businesswomen; she directs corporate and legal affairs for retailing giant Tesco, Britain’s version of WalMart. In a speech last week, she addressed the problem squarely: “More [graduates] seem to have a problem with things like turning up on time and coming to an interview properly dressed. … Some seem to think that the world owes them a living”

SHOOT: Entitlement is a very nasty is expecting something, being dissatisfied without it and not being appreciative even when you get it. It's a self-centred trait that simply expects what has gone before to be mine [eg. suburbia, car use, wealth, religious beliefs etc] but makes no critical analysis of what's wrong [or right] with the world. It's an inherited attitude of consumerism, with all its de[p]rived meaning and depraved values [money and gadgets over relationships]. It's a recipe for life stripped of meaning and happiness because all meaning is derived from the habits of others - mostly celebrities and TV-Land characters - and are thus lifestyles that have no future.
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In a dismal economy, Generation Y is entering the workforce with sky-high expectations. They want it all: cushy jobs, high pay, great benefits—without all the icky hard work.

A new study puts hard numbers to a trend that is frustrating many employers: 20-somethings without work ethic or self-discipline who feel entitled to the good life.

It’s a sign of the “affluenza” that afflicts our culture. In biblical terms, we’re rich and increased with goods, yet spiritually miserable, poor, blind and naked.

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Britain is seeing the same trend. Employers there describe British graduates as “divas at work who expect everything to fall into their laps,” according to research by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (agr). Though they consider themselves invaluable, incoming workers are in reality “unrealistic,” “self-centered,” “fickle” and “greedy,” bosses say.

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