Monday, March 08, 2010

Proudly South African? Why South Africa disgusts me

SHOOT: When paramedics are gang-raped you know you are living in a particularly sick and depraved society. Yesterday in the Sunday Independent a black writer was commenting on Zuma and he said, "Can South Africans confidently say they are proud of their country?" I have been feeling this for some time, but I was shocked to read about it in the mainstream media, but that is where it is. South Africa and South Africans should be ashamed of themselves and what this country has become and is becoming. We need new leaders now!
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A woman paramedic was gang-raped by three armed men when she went to rescue an injured toddler this weekend.

The paramedic, employed by Johannesburg Emergency Services, and her female colleague, were dragged into bushes near the toddler's home in Durban Deep, west of the city on Friday night, and their ambulance was stolen.

Police spokeswoman Superintendent Noxolo Kweza said: "The two paramedics were called to Durban Deep in Roodepoort after a mother reported that her child was burnt by hot water."

She said that while the mother remained in the house with her child, the three attackers dragged the paramedics outside and into nearby bushes where one of the women was raped.

"You'd think that when you are in an ambulance, people would see you as a life saver and they wouldn't harm you" she said.

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