Monday, March 29, 2010

Pope turns the other cheek to scandals

The Vatican has rejected suggestions that celibacy caused the abuse and Benedict has reaffirmed it as a gift to God as recently as this month.

SHOOT: Turning a blind eye to facts is almost like insisting on living a faith-based life, of course it also conveniently allows someone to live a lie if that is what they insist on doing.
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VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI opened Holy Week on Sunday amid one of the most serious crises facing the church in decades, with protesters in London demanding he resign and calls in Switzerland for a central registry for pedophile priests.

Benedict made no direct mention of the scandal in his Palm Sunday homily. But one of the prayers, recited in Portuguese during Mass, was "for the young and for those charged with educating them and protecting them."

Jesus Christ, Benedict said in his homily, guides the faithful "toward the courage that doesn't let us be intimidated by the chatting of dominant opinions, towards patience that supports others."

Pope Benedict XVI leaves at the end of the Palm Sunday mass in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican

In Austria, where several cases have come out in recent weeks, the archbishop of Vienna announced the creation of a church-funded but clergy-free and independent commission to look into Austrian abuse claims.

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