Friday, March 19, 2010

The Oscar Curse: Bullock and Winslet join the club in Splitsville

If James and Bullock do split, the actress will join other famous names who have fallen to the "Oscar curse" -- relationships that have broken up shortly after winning Best Actress honors. Among them: Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts and, most recently, Kate Winslet.

SHOOT: Maybe getting an Oscar is also like having an affair [with your acting career, and the media...?

People magazine is reporting that Sandra Bullock has left the Southern California home she shares with Jesse James. An unnamed source makes it sound like she left in anger, but there is no confirmation that she left or why she left.

Bullock's rep has not yet commented on the In Touch Weekly story that broke yesterday quoting tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee as saying she had an affair with James last year while Bullock was filming The Blind Side.

Meanwhile, photos and video are surfacing of McGee, who has tattoos all over her body, including her armpits, forehead and backside, which you can see in this video from the Miss Ink Contest last year.  In the clip, she says her parents are Amish and she left the church when she was 16.

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