Saturday, March 27, 2010

In South Africa killing songs and slogans come back to bite

SHOOT: You live by the sword, you reap what you sow...but Malema isn't the only one taking wild verbal swings at the media. Steve Hofmeyr saying 'kill me first' isn't the sort of thing you should suggest in South Africa. Why are we so quick to anger, rather than quick to give, quick to smile, quick to reconcile?
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Johannesburg - The Pan Africanist Congress Youth League's threat to kill ANC Youth League president Julius Malema and Malema's recent singing of "shoot the boer" were worrisome, the police ministry said on Friday.
Zweli Mnisi, spokesperson for Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said: "It's worrying... it doesn't bode very well for society. It is worrying.
"In that spirit of really building a nation, it is really quite worrisome," he said after the PACYL threatened to kill Malema.
"We are saying to Malema to apologise within five days or we will injure him to death... He will either end up in a hospital or in a mortuary," PACYL president Pitso Mphasha said at a media conference held earlier on Friday.
The PACYL and the ANCYL are at loggerheads over who arranged the Sharpeville pass law uprising of 1960 - in which police shot dead 69 people.
Mphasha said the threat to Malema was a way of teaching Malema discipline the "militant way".
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