Thursday, March 04, 2010

How can there be global warming when the winter was so cold?

I would invite anyone at all sincerely confused by a record breaking cold snap in the midst of record breaking global warming to watch this, one of Peter's recent Climate Crock videos.

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SHOOT: Australia is experiencing extremely warm weather, yes, the warmest on record in many places. One area had 40 consecutive days where the temperatures exceeded 40C. In Perth, I returned from a sweltering Cervantes [44C] and by 6pm Perth was still cooking at 37C and an hour later it was 35C. All over Australia in fact temperatures have been very high this summer [2010] but not only that, places like Perth and Broome have been exceedingly dry. Hence Australia's number one priority in government is climate change, their reefs depend on it, their farmers, the ordinary fresh water consuming population. The fires Australia have been experiencing are evidence of one of the side-effects of warming, and for a suburbia built into forested hillsides, the results can be - as we have seen on Black Saturday - catastrophic.

Here's more on Australia: W.Ausssie's hottest summer

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