Friday, March 19, 2010

Hate potholes? It's time we improve our rail network to get more cargo moved by rail

SHOOT: But in terms of dealing with the problem itself one could also have companies sponsor sections of tar road with billboards accompanying these stretches - THIS STRETCH OF ROAD SPONSORED BY MWEB, speeding up all your connections etc. And SAB, who like to make adverts advocating driving safety [really, do they mean it...?]
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There have been some marvellous pothole photographs doing the rounds on the internet, including one featuring a giraffe in a pothole with its head sticking out. But, seriously, how do we fix the problem? Speaking as a total amateur on road maintenance, I have three recommendations.
Firstly, no more tenderpreneurs who get contracts because of their connections instead of their skills as a cost-efficient service provider. On every road, we should have a regular billboard at intervals showing the name of the contractor, telephone number and person to contact. Just like an estate agent with a photograph as well. One has to create line of accountability by knowing whose neck is on the block. If the road is dangerous, the company has to start repairing it within 24 hours.
Secondly, for the real country roads, we should do what they do in India - allocate stretches of the road to local communities to maintain at a fixed cost per year
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