Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting to know...Western Australia

Western Australia also has more coastline than any other state and much of this coastline is pure white sand with sparkling clear and warm inviting water, the catch is that many of these idyllic beaches in the north of the state are infested with sharks and other nasties. There are still some safe beaches here where you can swim and bathe, but local knowledge is important when deciding where to swim.

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Western Australia flagWestern Australia is Australia's largest state in area, covering the western third of the mainland. The state is
approximately 5 times the size of Texas and after the Sakha Republic in Russia, the second largest subnational entity (statoid) in the world. The capital city Perth is one of the most isolated metropolitan areas on Earth. The nearest city to Perth with a population over 1 million is Adelaide in South Australia, which is 2,104 kilometres (1,307 mi) away. Perth is physically closer to East Timor and Jakarta, Indonesia, than it is to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. It is the antipode of Hamilton, Bermuda.

Western Australia location map

One of the best beaches in North Western Australia
is Cable Beach, located in a small outback town called Broome.
Broome has some tasteful resorts and is marketed as an alternative to Bali
in Indonesia, which is a popular overseas destination for residents
of Perth due to its close proximity with that city.

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