Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gareth Cliff: Julius Malema is the Sarah Palin of the Black African youth

Lately he displayed the most incredibly insensitive behaviour by visiting the reprehensible Jub Jub in jail and taking him a helping of Nando's. Can anyone think of something more offensive for the victim's families?

SHOOT: So why don't the leaders of the ANC reign him in? For the same reason Mugabe isn't reigned in. If you spoil the party for Mugabe, he'll spoil it for you. In exchange for keeping his secrets, he'll keep yours - that's how corruption sustains itself. It is juxtaposed opposite the interests of the electorate, so there is no question where their interests lie.
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Julius Malema has alienated me this week. I never found him particularly offensive or annoying before. I sought to understand him. I had met a few times and thought that perhaps I needed to make an effort to find what it was about him that made him so interesting to the rest of the country. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and tried to remain open-minded to his point of view. I would defend him to friends of mine who said he was just an uneducated moron. Julius and I got on quite well - I was even about to join forces with the Youth League for a multi-racial, inclusive and meaningful Youth Day celebration on June 16th. I was very optimistic - and I was wrong.

This man is brimming with an indefatigable and dangerous bravado. He is of the opinion that he owes nobody an explanation for anything. His defence is always that his accuser is racist, since he defines himself almost completely as black (and nothing else).
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