Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Do you want us to accept raw sewage as a way of life?

"Playing the racial card when 'the country is burning' will not improve your 'war zones' while all the people of this nation suffer," NTU North West chair Carin Visser wrote in an open letter to Shiceka.

SHOOT: This is South Africa's ground zero. Whites pay for services they don't get, the money is used to enrich a black elite, whites complain and then the race card is used...
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"We are being blamed for creating 'parallel structures of governance' next to completely dysfunctional structures. The comparison is ridiculous. Do you want us to accept raw sewage as a way of life?" asked Visser.

Shiceka had no problem overlooking destruction of property during violent protests over service delivery, to make illegal connections or because it was sub-standard.

"But heaven forbid, let just 280 white ratepayers withhold their rates, exactly because they are unhappy about this whole situation, then it's a huge problem."

Roux doubted that violent protests over services would ever stop with an attitude such as Shiceka's. "You are getting what you deserve," he said.

Democratic Alliance co-operative governance spokesperson Willem Doman last week labelled Shiceka's raising of the issue as "just another example of the (ANC) using the race card to deflect attention away from the real concerns of ordinary South Africans.

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