Thursday, March 11, 2010

Broome – with a view

There’s still money to be made at the end of the world, if you have the courage to get there. And if you’re after magic rather than money, there’s plenty of it, scattered in the sun and the moon, the tides, the stillness and that rare abandonment that one finds in the most faraway places. - by Nick van der Leek
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Broome, for starters, has a history worthy of an entirely new genre of cinema. Replace cowboys with Japanese pearl divers, horses with camels, and guns with that great killer of divers, ‘The Bends’ and you’re beginning to stir up the mythos - and those blood red sands of Roebuck Bay where Broome is situated.

Even the name of this place evokes ‘boom’ and ‘bust’.

Broome is a place filled with the memories of money and murder, a place where tides swell a massive 9 metres (nearby Derby has the world’s second highest tides, peaking at 11.8 metres) and storms so heavy and impregnated with rain that houses are built without gutters.

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Nick van der Leek was a guest of Tourism Australia Click here to find out more about holidaying in Australia.

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