Thursday, March 11, 2010

'Kill the boer' - Malema

In the complaint, Afrikanerbond chief secretary Jan Bosman said there were about 750 to 850 attacks on farms each year, adding that last year alone 120 people were murdered on farms.

"Incitement to violence is a serious offence and with the current problem with rural safety, we simply do not need a politician such as Mr Malema to exacerbate the problem," he said.

SHOOT: Seems like Malema is just trying to divert attention from his finances, and desperately so.
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Freedom Front Plus leader and Deputy Agriculture Minister Pieter Mulder laid a criminal charge against Malema at the Brooklyn police station, Pretoria on Wednesday.
Mulder said the use of the slogan contravened section 16 of the Constitution.
"In terms of this section, no person may advocate hate which is based on the grounds of race, ethnicity, gender or religion and which incites action to cause harm to others.
"The FF Plus is convinced that Mr Malema, with this action, advocated and incited hatred which could cause harm to citizens and makes himself guilty of the advocating of hate speech, the FF Plus demands that the Saps investigates the case and take action," Mulder said in a statement.
He said Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa last week promised farmers the police force would try and reduce farm murders.
"Mr Malema's use of the hate speech slogan creates the opposite atmosphere," said Mulder.
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